Seminar series 2014/15 - February    
                    The Centre for Sustainable Communities
Seminar series 2014/15 - February  

Low and zero carbon homes after the Housing Standards Review


Alina Congreve
Dr Congreve is a principal lecturer in Sustainable Planning at the University of Hertfordshire. Recent research includes: identifying and comparing local authorities in the US and UK that are leaders in climate change mitigation, carried out with Professor Pitt from Washington DC; and a new project with Dr Iain Cross at St Mary's University to integrate ecosystem services into planning decisions.

Dan Greenwood
Dr Dan Greenwood is Senior Lecturer in Politics, and works on the Governance and Sustainability research programme at Westminster. His research expertise includes governance and policy evaluation. He recently worked on a project evaluating the zero carbon homes policy agenda in England. He took part in an industry placement with the Zero Carbon Hub in 2012/3


This project addresses the vital need to assess the impacts of important recent developments in low/zero carbon housing policy following the Housing Standards Review. Through a series of in-depth case studies, the research analyses the challenges, tensions and opportunities arising for the housing sector following significant policy changes. These include the removal of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). Supporters argued this drove reductions in costs of sustainable construction, improving industry skills, and reducing the uncertainty that resulted from ad-hoc changes to the Building Regulations. Critics argued that it was not effective at 'steering’' the industry towards sustainable outcomes and created perverse incentives. The project will analyse the impacts of the Review for designers, developers and assessors.

The research includes

  • interviews with key stakeholders in the Review, to gain a picture of the national policy debate
  • a series of case studies with further interviews assessing new and proposed housing developments in three English cities.

. This work will inform debate across the sector about the role of compulsory and voluntary codes and standards and the relationship between the Building Regulations and planning. The project is funded by a grant from the RICS Trust.

26 February 2015
Maclaurin Building
4 Bishop's Square
AL10 9NE.

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