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Place making projects in Transylvania

In September 2014 the Centre's Head of Urbanism, Dr Susan Parham worked with Romanian colleagues, Mihai Racu, Dragoş Dascalu and Raluca Zbârcea, to run a second in the Făgăraş atelier series of charrette workshops in the Transylvanian region of Romania. The second charrette in the series was held in the village of Drăguş, Transylvania (within Făgăraş county), an area which is experiencing pressures of growth and change in part related to the rapid development associated with tourism in this beautiful and wild Carpathian Mountains region.

An intensive week long workshop produced a range of proposed outcomes including to build on the architectural heritage and traditional urbanism of the village, support its economic vibrancy and moderate problematic sprawl issues at its edges.

Previously, in August 2012, Dr Parham, completed an intensive week teaching a first 'Atelier de Urbanism' in Făgăraş, an historic town in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. With architect and project coordinator, Mihai Racu, Susan helped lead a Romanian architectural design team, and a diverse set of stakeholders including architecture and landscape architecture students, social scientists, journalists, gastronomers and others interested in designing and planning for the town's future.

The team worked on a series of proposals for master planning the town: developing detailed options then a preferred approach to town design based on urbanist principles. There was a special emphasis on renewing the historic market square, taming traffic on the main boulevard, redesigning the historic fortress tourism area and developing a beautiful town park to link cultural and religious buildings with the fortress and its promenade.

In a process that included significant public engagement and intensive design based on charrette methods, the team produced a detailed masterplanning drawings which will influence area renewal.

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