The Centre for Sustainable Communities
Dr Scott Copsey
(Transport Planner, Coordinator & Contract Manager)

As the University's Travel Planner, my role covers a range of areas the Centre is directly engaged in an array of internally and externally focused transport projects.

  • Environment and Sustainability Team

    This internal facing unit is made up of four key personal (Transport Planner and Coordinator, Sustainability Manager, Environmental Coordinator and an Assistant to the Team this role is occupied annually by a Placement Student from the Geography and Environmental Sciences Department). This team is responsible for implementing the University's Environmental Policy and developing strategies that aim to reduce the financial and environmental impacts of the organisations activities, whilst engaging with internal (staff and students) and external (business, local community and educational establishments) stakeholder groups.

    The Environmental Policy outlines targets against Ten Environmental Aspects that the Team and colleagues around the University work towards improving and managing. An Environmental Management System (EMS), works on a target driven continual improvement framework and which is externally audited each year, provides the framework around which outcomes and achievements are monitored and reported. A key outcome of the Team has been that the University achieved a fully operational EMS in 2012, for which we received an Ecocampus Platinum and internationally recognised ISO14001 standard. The next audit takes place in November 2013.

    The University is recognised as a leader in the sector in terms of environmental management and performance and is regularly awarded with a First Class Award in the People and Planet Green League. The Team raises awareness of its activities through a number of media, including information leaflets (we can provide examples), electronic screens and university/community wide events.

  • Internal Transport Planning (Contract and Strategic Project Management Roles)

    As the University's Travel Planner, my role is varied in terms of the projects that I get involved in. Internally, I am responsible for developing transport strategies to reduce dependence of the private motorcar from staff, and students commuting in daily as well as student's living within residences. As such, the University has a strategic Travel Plan which is required by the Planning Authorities, to manage and look at ways of reducing car demand, particularly those travelling alone by car.

    Travel based projects that the Travel Planning role has been instrumental in developing and managing the UNO bus contract, developing real time information with HCC, car sharing scheme, electronic information passenger information screens, reduce public transport fares, multi-modal tickets (staff and students can purchase a joint bus and trains ticket within the Forum building, as though they were at a train station - this was a first when launched in 2009, and has seen sustained growth over this period), Quality Partnerships *.

  • Current and Future Work

    Currently work is focusing on developing Electric vehicle (EV) hubs at the University that will allow University Staff and Students the ability to hire EV Cars and bicycles at its campuses (and eventually residences). This is in partnership with Evalu8 (Source East) and external companies, that are developing business cases in this sector. The University will be the first in the UK to trail this EV concept. This concept is also being further enhanced and developed in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Hatfield Train Station, where by the model envisages staff and students being able to book EV cars and bikes (including conventional bicycles), who can then park these in safe and locations around the local community. The concept is being worked up to be initially launched in late 2013 and developed over following year, to coincide with the opening of the Halls of residence in 2014. U-living has been engaged in developing a workable and sustainable model for cycle hire within residences.

  • *Developing Externally Focused Transport Partnerships and Securing Funding

    Developing public transport partnerships within and beyond Hertfordshire (the Quality Network Partnerships in St Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead, have all evolved from the work undertaken in the University), has been a key focus for my role. Working closely with Hertfordshire County Council and with UNO, the CSC currently manages three externally funded roles managed by my role. These roles have been a direct result of central government funding secured through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, to which the CSC is a primary partner (the partnership has secured over £13m over four years, and is one of twelve national funded projects to have secured over £5m from this fund. In addition, through this exemplar partnership, in my role I have contributed to writing National Department of Transport Guidance relating to Multi-operator Ticketing, as well as co-authoring academic papers that have and are currently being presented at the prestigious 'European Transport Conference' in Glasgow (2012) and Frankfurt (2013).

    We the University has associations with the Campaign for Better Transport, the director of which (Stephen Joseph), received an honorary Doctorate from the University in 2010. The CSc is currently developing wider partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Modeshift and continues to work with the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleagues (EAUC).

    The CSC works with all these organisation to promote its CPD short courses and consultancy work.

  • External Consultancy and Teaching

    The Environment and sustainability Team within the CSC has also developed a consultancy brand (called 'Motion'). This brand builds on the consultancy work undertaken for developing nd promoting the UNO model to other HE and FE institutions - Durham, Northampton, Cranfield, North Hertfordshire College, Oaklands College and the Elstree University Technical College), with the aim to develop this further.

    Under this brand, the CSC offers CPD training in partnership with Geography and Environmental Sciences in areas covering Sustainable Transport and Planning, Environmental Management and Psychology. My role contributes and indeed coordinates a number of transport and geographical spatial analysis Masters programmes under these pathways, as well as directly supervising a number of Masters and undergraduate student projects through providing applied transport projects that student gain real experience during their study.

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