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Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenge Today - A Climate Change Strategic Framework for Hertfordshire

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Framework for Hertfordshire

Welcome to the web portal of the Hertfordshire Climate Change Committee.

Concepts such as climate change can be hard to relate to as we go about our daily lives and everyday business.

Yet climate change should no longer be viewed as a stand-alone, 'green' issue. It is a pressing challenge for all aspects of our society, economy and environment. Even more than that, the responses we make to the climate change challenge are increasingly important for a broad range of other issues.

It is becoming increasingly clear that organisations across Hertfordshire are already beginning to feel the effects and consequences of climate change long before changing weatherpatterns fully manifest themselves. Indeed, a number of behavioural tax, legislative and other changes are already developing, brought about by heightened government awareness and public pressure.

Responding to climate change, in fact, assists us in responding to the plethora of other challenges we face: it is about financialsustainability, risk management and resilience; intelligent decision making; business continuity; reducing our reliance on finite resources; planning for emergencies.

This is a Strategy with a difference: the Hertfordshire Climate Change Partnership is not just publishing its own actions, but is asking all other public sector organisations and companies in Hertfordshire to adopt this strategy as well.

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