Finding solutions to the threat of climate change  
                    The Centre for Sustainable Communities
Finding solutions to the threat of climate change

...and the misery of cold homes

The purpose of this workshop, led by Harriet Sansom and Dan Stone from the Centre for Sustainable Energy, is to look at the potential for addressing sustainable energy – both renewable energy and sustainable energy – through your neighbourhood plan, in order to reduce carbon emissions and capture community benefits.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy is a national charity working to reduce fuel poverty and combat climate change through empowering people to change the way they think and act about energy. CSE has funding to give independent support to groups to help them embed energy and sustainability considerations into their neighbourhood plans.

Harriet and Dan will cover the following -

  • Overview of sustainable energy – what does it mean, and what is its relevance?
  • Interactive session around the PlanLoCaL model: We will take attendees through a low-carbon journey, from the model's urban to rural areas – identifying how different renewable energy schemes might sit within the landscape. This will enable us to consider the factors which renewable energy developers must consider in site selection, and compare the energy outputs of the different forms of renewable energy technology.
  • Look at case studies of community owned renewables and how these projects have funded broader community aspirations
  • Discuss potential sources of renewable energy in Colney Heath/Sandridge
  • Discuss options for integrating sustainable energy objectives into your neighbourhood plan
  • Look at case studies of how other neighbourhood plans have addressed sustainable energy

Footnote: The PlanLoCaL Model is a model of an imaginary town within a rural area. It can be used to stimulate informed discussion around planning and the development of a low-carbon future, or to help those considering a community renewable energy project. Use the following link for more information – link to the PlanLoCal model

15 June 2015
Workshop details

Workshop 1: 2:30 - 5:30

Workshop 2: 6:30 - 9:30

Bookings for this event are available via the Jeff Lewis

Cost: FREE (Light refreshments will be available)

For more information contact John Conlon 01707 285201 or email: John Conlon

Maclaurin Building
4 Bishop's Square
AL10 9NE.

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