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The Scoots Project provides scooters and motorcycles for people as a way of overcoming transport barriers that they might have in accessing work, training or education.

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Scoots is available to anyone aged 16 and above, and is in secure employment or in a training/education placement.

Clients pay a weekly payment towards the cost of the scooter/motorcycle package which includes the following:

At the end of 12 months you receive full ownership of everything.

What's the cost?

The cost of your scooter will depend on the model you decide to go for; all details cans be found on the Scoots website

I would like to hire a scooter?

Scoots also offers the opportunity to hire a scooter for a period of time that suits you. Prices start from £35 per week.

For more details contact 01707 695513 or visit

Salary Sacrifice for University of Hertfordshire Staff

The Scoots Project provides staff at the university with the opportunity to pay for a scooter or motorcycle though their salary. This allows staff to make massive savings by taking payment out of their salary before tax is deducted.


How to apply for the Staff scheme?

Anyone interested in purchasing a scooter or motorcycle using salary sacrifice please go to the Connected benefits website.Type in the name of your employer and follow the links.

Alternatively: call Scoots on: 01707 695513

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