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Electric car club

The University of Hertfordshire becomes the first UK Higher Education Institute with an electric car club.

The 'Green Stig': The TWIG

The University of Hertfordshire are to launch the UK's first HE Electric Car Club e-cars :

  • Low cost
  • low carbon
  • simple to use
  • hassle free

The car club is available to students (over 19), the local community and staff for business travel use. The service offers the convenience and flexibility of using a car without the cost of owning one.

E-Car club Renault Zoe

Visit the E-car website for full details on the scheme to find out more how the scheme works to benefit you and the environment.

What is an e-car club?:

A car club is a selection of electric cars which provide hourly car rental when and where you need it.

The cars are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are bookable for as little as one hour. The insurance, tax, breakdown cover, parking permits, maintenance and cleaning are all taken care of. All you need to do is choose the car you want, BOOK, UNPLUG and DRIVE AWAY.

Who is the car club available to?

  • Students (over 19)
  • The local community
  • Staff - for business travel

How much does it cost?:

An initial lifetime membership cost of £50 (£25 for students when using this code UHWEB114). Rental costs are then £5.50hr or £45 a day which includes:

  • 24/7 car access
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Comprehensive breakdown cover
  • Free online and telephone booking
  • Free electrical charging
  • An introductory membership pack
  • Pack of local partner discounts
  • E-Car Instructional Video

What are the benefits?

  • Lower Costs - Using a car club car is almost always cheaper than owning, insuring and maintaining your own. If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year in one of your vehicles, E-Car could save you £2,000 or more!
  • Lower Emissions - Carplus estimate that each car club car ultimately replaces 24 privately owned vehicles on the UK streets. We not only replace them, but replace them with the most environmentally friendly cars around. All charged with certified renewably sourced electricity.
  • More Convenient - than other public options - No more trekking to car hire companies, running for buses or flagging down taxis. E-Cars can be found in carefully selected bays a few minutes' walk from your home or place of work, and accessed in seconds.
  • Less Hassle - than ownership - No more dealing with insurance, breakdown cover, MOTs, finding parking spaces, servicing, cleaning, re-fuelling...the list goes on. It's just so much simpler.
  • More Flexibility - If you need a car, it's there. If you don't, it isn't. If your circumstances change you aren't left with an expensive asset you don't need.

Visit the E-Car website to sign up now.

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