St Albans Quality Network Partnership  
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St Albans Quality Network Partnership

Using partnership working to cut congestion and improve public transport in St Albans

Changes outlined in the Transport Act 2008 allow new opportunities for local authorities to work with transport operators. In St Albans this has lead to a Quality Network Partnership being setup; it is the first of its type in the UK and is a national exemplar.

The QNP, branded Network St Albans, is a volunatary partnership bringing together local authorities, transport experts and public transport operators which aims to reduce traffic congestion around St Albans, improving public transport around the city and as a result improving the quality of life in St Albans.

Partners include;

The partnership looks at the entire bus and train network in St Albans to identify areas in need of improvement. Projects already undertaken include developing a new integrated bus and train map, to make the network easier to understand. Ongoing projects include working to improve ticketing and fares options for users as well as the Business SMILES project

Contact: Scott Copsey, University of Hertfordshire Travel Plan Coordinator (QNP Coordinator)

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