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UH/Lafarge Tarmac Partnership: Think Pieces

Think pieces

August 2012 - think piece 1

"Eco - by design, eco - by practice? Urban development and the making of sustainable communities"

Dr Alasdair Jones

This, our first think piece, has been prepared by UH Lafarge Tarmac Research Fellow. It considers the increasing number of developments which are being authorised, promoted and sold on the basis of their 'eco' credentials and explores some pertinent research questions these raise in relation to sustainable living that the Partnership's research activity is seeking to address.

November 2012 - think piece 2

Sustainable Living? What do customer surveys tell us about why people buy new homes and what those buyers want their homes to be like once they have bought them?

Dr Susan Parham

The second in our series of topical research analyses into aspects of sustainable living is written by the Centre's Head of Urbanism,

This piece is based on primary data kindly provided by a house-building firm active in the south and east of England. The piece deals with attitudes of recent buyers to new housing, exploring the concerns they raise, and the very limited degree to which sustainability is at or near the top of their agenda. This thought provoking piece suggests more work is needed to understand why buyers appear 'not too bothered' about sustainable living - and what we can do about that.

April 2014 - think piece 3

Making sustainable flood proof houses - issues and opportunities

John Alexander
Aquobex Flood Resilient Property™
01923 518 582, enquiries@aquobex.com or www.aquobex.com

In this article, John Alexander draws attention to the lack of planning in respect of flood resilience, and argues that this represents a serious oversight on the part of architects, developers and home owners alike. Describing some of the measures that can be taken to manage flood risk, John points out that we need to start seeing time and money spent on flood risk management as a long term investment.

August 2014 - think piece 4

Incentivising sustainable living: the wrong answer to the right question?

John McCormack

How do we encourage ways of living that safeguard the planet earth for future generations? This is a question that has gained momentum in policy discourse since the publication of the Brundtland Report in 1987. In this article John debates why incentivising sustainable living by focusing on economic interests, can be counter-productive.

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